Every work of art is a reflection of its creator. The world around us, nature, music, the books we read, the people we meet, the knowledge and expertise we acquire over the years, all play a role. However, it is our thoughts, meditations and musings, as well as our emotional reaction to all of these, that create an artist's personal and unique vision.

In my works, as in my being, there is a dichotomy between logic, order, precision and emotion, sensuality and free expression. Throughout the progression and evolution of my artistic path, either one or the other has dominated, the other subordinated but nevertheless still present. However, overriding all of the above is my relationship, involvement and love of colour - its nuances, sensuality, its symbolism and power to arouse a gamut of emotions from peace and harmony to turmoil and angst.

Stylistically, my work has evolved from abstraction, initially geometric as in the series "Texture and Sun" to expressionistic as in "Ethereal Garden", to non- objective as in "Solar Sounds", to conceptual and minimalist as in "Beyond Context", "Meditations" and "My Daughter's Garden" to post-modernism in "Heritage".

Just as a work of art is an expression of the artist, it is also an invitation to the viewer to pause, reflect, discover. I extend my invitation to you.

Christina (Chris) Kudryk